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Registration Information

Registration is open: 

Tackle Registration Closes July 19th

Tackle Coaches Application Closes June 27th

Flag Registration Closes July 26th

Flag Coaches Application Closes July 26th

AFA is moving forward and PLANNING for a season.  Since we are unsure of whether the season is a “go” we have modified the registration process for the 2020 Season.  When you are registering your player you will be charged $1.00 at the time of registration.  The balance of your player registration will be charged on Aug 1, 2020.  We have modified it so that you can register in May and June without the full out of pocket cost.  If the season is cancelled we will reimburse all registration costs.  As an association we need to plan to play even with the uncertainties of whether we can play this season.

John Vidervol

Registration Director

2020 Football Registration Fees:

  • Grade 8 – Tackle - $185

  • Grade 7 – Tackle - $185

  • Grade 6 – Tackle - $175

  • Grade 5 – Tackle - $175

  • Grade 4 – Tackle - $175

  • Grades 2/3 – Tackle - $160

  • K-2 FLAG - $65

A Late fee of $25 will be assessed for all tackle registrations received after June 21. 


  • No Refunds will be given after September 1st
  • Refunds requested before September 1st are subject to a $20 Admin Fee and Cost of the Jersey
  • All refunds will have all online fees subtracted from the refunded amount


We can never promise to honor requests.  However, we do our best to honor requests for players in Flag Football and for players in 2nd/3rd Tackle Football.  All requests must be filled in on your registration.

Note:  We will not add requests to the draft sheets for 4th-8th Grades.

Notice: TCNYFL Residency restrictions may apply.