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We are not requiring volunteer hours in 2022


Volunteer System – Dibs!

We are utilizing the DIBS system to run our volunteer opportunities. You DO NOT need a separate DIBS account to select volunteer hours this season -- your DIBS account is tied directly to your registration.





How to Volunteer
Our new AFA website requires you to create an account in order to register for volunteer opportunities.

Create Your Andover Football account.

NOTE:  If you already have a log in with Andover Baseball, Andover Athletic Association or Andover Youth Hockey you can use the same log in then you will need to click "Join the Network" to the left.

STEP TWO: (If you do not already have log in information from another association)

You will receive a verification email after submitting your account request. You must click on the link provided in the email in order for your account to become "active".  Then you go can get into the Dibs system and register for volunteer hours. 


When you go into the DIBS session, select the volunteer session you would like to volunteer for.  Once you are inside the session there will be a date range which defaults to 30 days, extend the second date to the year 2011 and click apply. Now you should see all the available opportunities. Select the time & place that works best for you and claim the DIBS item.